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Clipping Path Service

Clipping path is a process of Photoshop software that is used to drop out the background of images from its background using Photoshop Pen Tool. In Adobe Photoshop software, there are some tools for removing the background and keep the image such as the magic tool,

But the result of eliminating background is not precise whereas Pen tool provides an accurate clipping path to cut out the image and applied a different kind of background color in terms of the client’s aspect. These service is also called a vector path.

Clipping Path ServiceClipping Path Service
Background Removal ServicesBackground Removal Services

Background Removal Services

Remove the Background of Your Product Photos eliminating an image’s background has a treasure of benefits counting easy incorporation across sale channels, augmented courtesy on your product, as well as enhanced page loading speed. However, you may not distinguis

If you are handling your shop’s design jobs, there might be more choices to eliminate image backgrounds than you understand. Sure, there is Photoshop, however it’s not the single option. There is less compound, lower price, and more salable substitutes available.

Images Masking Services

Image Masking is an important task of Adobe Photoshop. Basically Image Masking is needed to remove the background of an image. Usually Clipping Path is needed to remove the background of any image. But images which have far kind of thing or flying hairs those images need

to do masking to remove the background flawlessly. In one-word image masking is an advanced technology for background removing, through which image background can be removed flawlessly within a very short time.Who needs an Image Masking service. If you are the owner of an.

Images Masking ServicesImages Masking Services
Photo Retouching ServicesPhoto Retouching Services

Photo Retouching Services

Photo retouching often referred as beauty airbrushing or Photoshop retouching. It is the process of editing and enhancing an image to make it more attractive. Not every photo comes with perfection no matter how skilfully the photo was taken. May be the perfect lighting

Was missing while shooting, or the product has unwanted dust and scratches on it or may be some blemishes and ugly spots were spotted after the photo was taken. There is always a room for improvement even the photo is taken with the most sophisticated cameras.

Ghost Mannequin Service

Image that will bring the product to life is essential to generating sales. Especially to fashion retailer it means having a real people wearing the product. Product photographers, retailers or ecommerce often use mannequin to show almost all garment product such as shirts,

Jackets, trouser etc. Mannequin enables the garments to keep its shape making clients understand how the clothing would look when it is worn. But they don’t want to show the mannequin on their online shop and consumer also doesn’t want to see the mannequin on the clothing

Ghost Mannequin ServiceGhost Mannequin Service

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Some of Our Sample Work

Our best clipping path services will make your photography look extremely good quality. You can feel why high-quality images create more opportunities for photographers and online business owners. Get a demonstration of our image clipping path services.

Clipping PathClipping Path

Clipping Path

Image CutoutImage Cutout

Image Cutout


Background Removal

Ghost MannequinGhost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

Color Change-Before2Color Change-After

Color Change

Reflection shadowReflection shadow

Reflection Shadow


Drop Shadow

Ecommerce Image EditingEcommerce Image Editing

Ecommerce Image Editing

Car Image EditingCar Image Editing

Car Image Editing



Clipping Path

Starting at 0.29USD/Image

Photo Retouching

Starting at 0.89USD/Image

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost Mannequin

Starting at 1.00USD/Image

Car Image Editing Service

All the online automobile car dealers know the importance of a high-quality car image. A good car image needs to edit in so many ways such as background, sharpness, shadow, focus and others. Photo Editing Ltd is here to provide you with the best car photo editing services. We are providing quality services, in proper time at a reasonable price.

Why Car Photo Editing is Important?
Car photo editing is so much important to run a business. Our editors can help you to promote your car business providing you with the best services. Let’s see why Car photo editing is so important.



Attractive and high-quality image
We can edit your car image into a demanding one. Our editors are well skilled and they will provide you with high-quality photos.

Attractive and high-quality photos can draw the attention of people easily. So the chance of selling the products gets increased. So take our service and promote your business.

Hide personal information

Every car has a license plate and it is essential to hide it from the image. But most of the time people miss to blur it properly. We have experts who are skilled at doing it.

We are ensuring it will have no negative effect on your image. We will also provide a high graphics photo. It must attract people. So your business will increase.

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